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Tuition & Fees

Students fund their education through a variety of means, including loans, grants, scholarships, and work. Approximately 85 percent of UK COP students fund their tuition and/or living expenses through loans. Please see the additional links for financial aid, loan, and scholarship information.

2023-2024 UK College of Pharmacy Tuition and Fees

  • For current students (PY2, PY3, PY4)
    • Kentucky Residents $29,463.50
    • Non-Kentucky Residents $55,287.50
  • For entering students (PY1)
    • Kentucky Residents $29,885.00
    • Non-Kentucky Residents $56,099.00

Effective with the entering class of Fall 2023, the tuition and mandatory fee rates for the Doctor of Pharmacy are "locked in" for each entering class cohort. The total of the assessed rates will not change while students are enrolled in the program. Half-time tuition and mandatory fee rates for AY 2023-24 of $15,504.00 for resident students and $28, 416.00 for non-resident students are established for those pharmacy students who have been approved by the Dean of the College of Pharmacy to have a reduced curriculum load.

Visit the University's student account page for the most up-to-date tuition and fees assessment policy.

If admitted, a non-refundable tuition deposit is required to hold a seat of admission to the College. The deposit will be applied towards your PharmD tuition. The deposit required for Kentucky residents is $500 and the deposit for non-Kentucky residents is $800.

Tuition and fees are subject to change.  Please check the UK Office of the Registrar website for current tuition rates and additional required fees. Students may view their assessed UK tuition and fees each semester through their myUK account. Questions regarding payment of tuition/fees should be directed to UK Student Account Services. Students will pay the amount based upon 4 years of enrollment. Please note the figures listed above are annual rates and may increase by 3 percent or more each academic year.

Federal Student Aid

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online by the deadline. Please be aware that if you have not used the online service before, you must request a PIN number and that can take several days. Approximately 85-90% of UK College of Pharmacy students will fund their tuition through federal and/or private loans. Additional information will be provided on this topic at Early Orientation. Students usually take enough loans to cover tuition/books/living expenses/room/board/etc. Since including the income of parents is typically not required for professional students, most domestic students are eligible for substantial loans.

Note: When completing the FAFSA, use the University of Kentucky federal school code: 001989.

Every student at UK has a financial aid counselor to assist with questions and guidance. Find assistance at or contact Rene Maldonado with UKCOP.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Financial aid and loan programs are increasingly important to students and families. The College hopes this information will help students make prudent and thoughtful decisions about financing their PharmD education.

You can direct questions about financial aid and loans to the UK Office of Student Financial Aid

UK Office of Student Financial Aid
128 Funkhouser Building
Lexington, KY 40506
Phone: 859-257-3172
Title IV code: 001989

Financial Aid

Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, ensures that all eligible individuals can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school. All eligible students are encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every January to receive maximum loan options, as available.

UK's Financial Aid Deadline is March 15.

Eligible students should complete the FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA online by UK's Priority Deadline as stated above. The FAFSA application is available online. To have your information sent to the University of Kentucky, enter school code: 001989. UK’s Financial Aid office will update myUK student accounts in mid-June with the amount of aid for which they qualify.

Because Pharm.D. students are considered Professional Students, they are no longer eligible for federal and state grants (Federal Pell Grant, Kentucky CAP grants, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant).

If a student has questions, the UK Office of Student Financial Aid can assist individuals with information regarding their personal accounts. Every UK student has a personal Financial Aid Counselor as listed on the Office of Financial Aid Contacts webpage.

Federal Loans

Federal loans are administered by the UK Office of Student Financial Aid. Application for these loans requires that students complete the FAFSA each January. Specific details are available on the UK Office of Student Financial Aid Loans webpage regarding the loan options listed below:

Health Professions Loan

The HPSL is a federal student loan and is restricted to students seeking professional degrees in pharmacy, dentistry, or medicine. Loan amounts will vary according to the availability of funds. Applicants for this loan must include parental information on the FAFSA each year.

Alternative Loans

Students can possibly borrow the difference between federal loans and the cost of education. UK's Office of Student Financial Aid provides information on alternative loans.

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) has a section on their website with some national scholarship information.

Scholarships & Incentive Awards

​A variety of scholarships are available through the College, the University, and even outside private organizations and foundations. The College encourages students to thoroughly investigate the types of funding opportunities that are available. This web page will provide additional information about scholarships organized and managed at the University of Kentucky.

For prospective students applying to the four-year PharmD program, there are incentive awards made available at the time of offer of conditional admission. More information is made available about UKCOP Incentive Awards during the admission process. 

UKCOP Scholarship Programs

Scholarships for academic excellence are available after the first professional year. Requirements include a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the College of Pharmacy. Average scholarship amount: $1,000. Applications are made available through the UK COP Office of Academic & Student Affairs, generally at the beginning of the Spring semester.

A variety of scholarships recognizing academic and professional achievements, career interests and other student characteristics are also available to students after the first professional year. Applications are made available through the UK COP Office of Academic & Student Affairs, generally at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Contacts for Scholarship Questions

UKCOP Scholarships & Incentive Awards

For Enrolled Student Scholarships:

Rene Maldonado
114 Lee T. Todd, Jr. Building
UK College of Pharmacy

For Prospective Student Incentive Awards:

UKCOP Office of Enrollment Management
114 Lee T. Todd, Jr. Building
UK College of Pharmacy


UK Undergraduate Scholarships

Sandy Copher
UK Office of Academic Scholarships
217 Funkhouser Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0054

KEES Scholarship

Terri Thomas
UK Office of Student Financial Aid
128 Funkhouser Bldg.
Lexington, KY 40506-0054
859-257-3172, ext. 230

We wish to remember and honor those who inhabited this Commonwealth before the arrival of the Europeans. Briefly occupying these lands were the Osage, Wyndott tribe, and Miami peoples. The Adena and Hopewell peoples, who are recognized by the naming of the time period in which they resided here, were here more permanently. Some of their mounds remain in the Lexington area, including at UK’s Adena Park.

In more recent years, the Cherokee occupied southeast Kentucky, the Yuchi southwest Kentucky, the Chickasaw extreme western Kentucky and the Shawnee central Kentucky including what is now the city of Lexington. The Shawnee left when colonization pushed through the Appalachian Mountains. Lower Shawnee Town ceremonial grounds are still visible in Greenup County.

We honor the first inhabitants who were here, respect their culture, and acknowledge the presence of their descendants who are here today in all walks of life including fellow pharmacists and healthcare professionals.