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Dr. Bissell received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Midwestern University followed by completion of a PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at UF Health Jacksonville and a PGY2 critical care specialty residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical and Translational Sciences from the University of Kentucky. She practices in the Pulmonary/Medical Intensive Care Unit at UK HealthCare, where she serves as an APPE, PGY1, and PGY2 preceptor. Dr. Bissell teaches in integrated drugs and diseases in critical care and endocrinology and serves as a mentor in Scholarship II. She is also a member of the College of Pharmacy Preceptor Advisory Committee.

Dr. Bissell is a member of the American Thoracic Society and Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), where she serves on the Scientific Review Committee and remains active in the Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology Section. She is a co-site coordinator for the Southeast Chapter of SCCM. She is also a member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and is current secretary/treasurer of the pulmonary PRN and active within the critical care PRN.

Dr. Bissell’s research interests include de-resuscitation, hemodynamics and perfusion, immunomodulation of sepsis, pulmonary hypertension, and intestinal lung disease. She recently received a grant by the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists for her work in de-resuscitation within the critically ill and was awarded the New Investigator of the Year Award from the Critical Care PRN this year.



  • De-resuscitation
  • Perfusion and circulation
  • Immunomodulation in sepsis
  • COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • Gender equity in clinical pharmacy
  • Right heart failure


  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Clinical Pharmacist, UK Healthcare Pulmonary/Medical Intensive Care Unit
  • Assistant Program Director, PGY2 Pharmacy Practice Residency in Critical Care, UK Healthcare


  • Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, University of Rio Grande
  • Associate of Science in Chemistry, University of Rio Grande
  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Midwestern University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical and Translational Science, University of Kentucky
  • PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency, University of Florida Health- Jacksonville
  • PGY2 Pharmacy Practice Residency in Critical Care, Jackson Health System

We wish to remember and honor those who inhabited this Commonwealth before the arrival of the Europeans. Briefly occupying these lands were the Osage, Wyndott tribe, and Miami peoples. The Adena and Hopewell peoples, who are recognized by the naming of the time period in which they resided here, were here more permanently. Some of their mounds remain in the Lexington area, including at UK’s Adena Park.

In more recent years, the Cherokee occupied southeast Kentucky, the Yuchi southwest Kentucky, the Chickasaw extreme western Kentucky and the Shawnee central Kentucky including what is now the city of Lexington. The Shawnee left when colonization pushed through the Appalachian Mountains. Lower Shawnee Town ceremonial grounds are still visible in Greenup County.

We honor the first inhabitants who were here, respect their culture, and acknowledge the presence of their descendants who are here today in all walks of life including fellow pharmacists and healthcare professionals.