Guy Lab

Cancer and malaria are the leading causes of childhood death by disease in the U.S. and worldwide, respectively. The Guy laboratory aims to discover and develop new drug candidates to treat these and other catastrophic pediatric diseases, prioritizing those for which there are few effective treatment options and poor economic drivers for drug development.

We focus on the preclinical phases of drug discovery. Our highly collaborative and multidisciplinary group includes synthetic, medicinal and analytical chemists; cell and developmental biologists; parasitologists; and pharmacologists. To achieve our goal of making the best compounds for clinical development, we bring these disciplines together in a team, working in concert to identify promising leads and optimize their chemical properties for translation to the clinic.

To date, our work has identified dozens of potential new leads for these diseases with novel mechanisms of action or novel applications. We have contributed to repurposing drugs for clinical trials for ependymoma, infantile ALL, and medulloblastoma; contributed a repurposed clinical candidate for retinoblastoma; and produced a novel clinical candidate for malaria.