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From identifying fundamental mechanisms of disease to designing and developing new drugs to understanding the impact of policies on health care, UK's front-line researchers are committed to solving Kentucky's pressing problems and, in doing so, are providing global health care solutions.

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UK College of Pharmacy investigators have a long and proud history of discovering the next big thing. Our substance abuse leaders are continuing that trend.

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Largest pharmaceutical education and research building in the world


Pharmacy research faculty rank 4th out of 354institutions in scholarly activity


Pharmacy faculty have created 25 start-up companies

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The best way to learn about UKCOP research is to hear directly from those conducting groundbreaking research.

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UKCOP investigators are involved in leading-edge work in five major areas: Medicinal, Bioorganic and Computational Chemistry, Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Engineering, Clinical & Experi

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