Dual Degrees and Certificates

Dual Degrees

At the UK College of Pharmacy, you can earn two degrees in approximately the same amount of time it takes to earn a PharmD alone. Earn a PharmD degree plus a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), Public Administration (MPA), Public Health (MPH), or Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS).


While the dual degree programs are administered separately by the partner college or program, pharmacy students undergo an internal degree screening process prior to applying to a dual degree program.  The process is completed at the conclusion of the Spring PY1 semester, with the exception of the MSPS program, which has a separate program design and timeline.

Pre-pharmacy students are eligible to complete a dual degree program’s prerequisites prior to entering pharmacy school. PharmD students without a bachelor’s degree are eligible to participate in these programs, as their prerequisite and pharmacy course credit hours meet the graduate school requirements.



Accentuate your resume with a certificate in a focused area of study. Receive a certificate in focus areas such as Global Health, Gerontology, Maternal & Child Health, and Public Health Management.  Graduate certificates are managed independent of the College of Pharmacy, and students must meet all program requirements for admission.  Check the directory for programs available at the University of Kentucky.