The UK College of Pharmacy is committed to providing a world-class education to those interested in pharmacy as a lifelong career. The 4 year PharmD program prepares you to think critically and work as a part of a team to make a lasting impact on the communities and people you will serve. We provide you with a top notch education to prepare you for a rewarding professional career in pharmacy and encourage you to think boldly as you explore a variety of professional settings – community, hospital, and clinical – to find your passion.​


Curriculum Highlights

We offer a ground-breaking and iterative approach to content delivery, which adopts holistic, modular, student-centric training.


Unified iPad Delivery System

Off-loaded Content

Video Capture

Paperless Testing

Autopush of notifications and material

Paperless note-taking


PaCE Lab

Patient-Centered Care Experience Laborarty utilizes a near-peer learning model and pairs first, second, and third-year pharmacy students into concurrent weekly lab sessions with intermittent experiential education. This approach allows students to learn from each other in a team-based atmosphere that mirrors a tiered practice setting.



Community Service Learning, an entrepreneurial component of PaCE, is the first of its kind. Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, students collaborate with a non-profit community partner for six semesters. They conduct a needs assessment, develop a health-based business plan to serve that population, implement their ideas, and then report back on outcomes.



Longitudinal Experiential Education in Pharmacy, a component of experiential education, immerses students in pharmacy practice from day one. Instead of dedicated summer hours, a portion of required practice hours happen during the academic year and are initiated by the student with dedicated preceptors.


Additions to the UKCOP Degree

Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care

Clinical Reasoning

Scholarship I & II