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Dr. Hammill is a Research Assistant Professor working with Dean Guy in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Hammill obtained his BA in chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA in 2007. While in college, Dr. Hammill got his first taste of research working as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Summer Research Scholar with Professor Ryan Mehl, using site-specific incorporation of unnatural amino acids and Fluorine NMR to probe protein structure and reactivity. 

In 2012, he received his PhD in organic chemistry under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Wipf at the University of Pittsburgh. His doctoral work focused on the chemical syntheses of peptidic, natural product inspired, and heterocyclic small molecules. From 2013 to 2016, he worked as a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Post-Doctoral Fellow under the guidance of Drs. R. Kip Guy and Brenda A. Schulman at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. During his postdoctoral studies, Dr. Hammill refined his skills as a synthetic chemist while learning how to incorporate in vitro and in vivo toxicology, pharmacokinetics studies, and cell biology into the drug discovery process.

In late 2016, he accepted his current role, moving with Dean Guy to the University of Kentucky to assist with strategic planning, scientific writing, budget management, and trainee oversight, while continuing to support synthetic chemistry efforts. Dr. Hammill’s diverse research experience in both synthetic organic chemistry and molecular biology has instilled in him a passion to solve complex, biologically relevant, synthetic problems through constant self-education, hard work, and collaborations with other researchers. His primary research interests focus on using synthetic chemistry to probe the effects of protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications on the progression of cancer and other catastrophic diseases. He is the author of 14 papers and the inventor on 1 issued patents.

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Faculty Expertise

  • Lung Cancer
  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Substance Use Disorders (Methamphetamine)
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Parasitology

We wish to remember and honor those who inhabited this Commonwealth before the arrival of the Europeans. Briefly occupying these lands were the Osage, Wyndott tribe, and Miami peoples. The Adena and Hopewell peoples, who are recognized by the naming of the time period in which they resided here, were here more permanently. Some of their mounds remain in the Lexington area, including at UK’s Adena Park.

In more recent years, the Cherokee occupied southeast Kentucky, the Yuchi southwest Kentucky, the Chickasaw extreme western Kentucky and the Shawnee central Kentucky including what is now the city of Lexington. The Shawnee left when colonization pushed through the Appalachian Mountains. Lower Shawnee Town ceremonial grounds are still visible in Greenup County.

We honor the first inhabitants who were here, respect their culture, and acknowledge the presence of their descendants who are here today in all walks of life including fellow pharmacists and healthcare professionals.