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#THANKBLUE FOR YOU! Every year the UK College of Pharmacy takes a week in November to show appreciation for its community of support. #ThankBlue Week originated out of a desire to celebrate the generosity of the UKCOP family and find ways to pay it forward.

#ThankBlue Week also marks the launch of the College’s annual White Coat Challenge for the incoming class. The support from their many donors means students can pursue their dreams with less financial debt, travel to conferences and study-abroad locations (when safe), and, of course, don their first White Coat.

This year the College of Pharmacy has created a crowdfunding page for the event, ensuring giving is easier for anyone who wants to participate. Individuals who wish to make a gift online may go to the White Coat Challenge page or contact the College’s Assistant Director of Philanthropy, Kacie Miller, for other options. The crowdfunding page will stay open through December 1, 2020. #ThankBlue Week is November 16-20, 2020.


NOV 16: #ThankBlue for our Students!
Write a note to a member of the Class of 2025! We’re keeping the tradition strong and raising funds to ensure our next incoming class of pharmacy and graduate students feels welcome and a part of the pharm fam. This is a great opportunity to connect to our future students in a meaningful way. If you happen to know an incoming student, you’ll be able to personalize your note. Notes can also be anonymous, or you can include your contact info so new students can connect and thank you directly.

NOV 17: #ThankBlue for our Faculty!
If you are a student, write a card/email or use this form to thank your amazing faculty for everything they have done for us this year. Tell them about memorable moments in class (or on Zoom) or an “ah-ha” moment.

NOV 18: #ThankBlue for YOU and Spirit Day!
Post a picture wearing your White Coat on social media and tell us what your coat means to you. Don’t have a coat? Wear UK blue and tell us what UKCOP means to you! Support the White Coat Challenge and be sure to tag us and tell your friends about the challenge! Every share on social media enters you to win a prize! Don’t forget you have 15% off UKCOP swag this week from our online pop-up store with the code beyondthescript.

NOV 19: #ThankBlue for our Staff!
Take a moment to write a thank you note to a member of the facilities team or a UK COP staff member using this form and we will make sure they get it. Thank you for the work you do behind the scenes!

NOV 20: #ThankBlue for our Alumni and Donors!
Our donors (including those of you who give to White Coat!) are invited to an exclusive virtual Town Hall to offer our thanks and share the latest updates from the College. Your loyalty, generosity, and help during these challenging months have been vital to our success. If donors have not received an invitation, they should email

We wish to remember and honor those who inhabited this Commonwealth before the arrival of the Europeans. Briefly occupying these lands were the Osage, Wyndott tribe, and Miami peoples. The Adena and Hopewell peoples, who are recognized by the naming of the time period in which they resided here, were here more permanently. Some of their mounds remain in the Lexington area, including at UK’s Adena Park.

In more recent years, the Cherokee occupied southeast Kentucky, the Yuchi southwest Kentucky, the Chickasaw extreme western Kentucky and the Shawnee central Kentucky including what is now the city of Lexington. The Shawnee left when colonization pushed through the Appalachian Mountains. Lower Shawnee Town ceremonial grounds are still visible in Greenup County.

We honor the first inhabitants who were here, respect their culture, and acknowledge the presence of their descendants who are here today in all walks of life including fellow pharmacists and healthcare professionals.