Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics

Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics

The focus of the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics program is translational research, which involves studies that occur at the interface of the laboratory bench and patient bedside.  Since all students admitted to the program will have a clinical/health profession degree*, the emphasis of the program will be training in the basic science, which improves the graduate's ability to successfully compete for extramural funding. There are required clinical components to assure competency in the foundations, principles and processes of clinical research. The keystone of the training is the conduct of an integrated laboratory-based and clinical dissertation.


Financial Support

Several graduate programs in The University of Kentucky recently received financial support from the Research Challenge Initiative, a Commonwealth of Kentucky supported effort to enable The University of Kentucky to become a top 20 federal research institution by the year 2020. The Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics training program supports graduate students with stipends, payment of tuition, as well as health insurance. The financial support comes from the Research Challenge Initiative and from teaching assistant assignments. Even higher stipends are available when an extramural/competitive fellowship is received, such as an AFPE fellowship or an NIH National Research Service Award.


Special Admissions Requirements

*The completion of a PharmD, DDS, DVM or other professional health degree is required for admission into this training track.



The Clinical & Experimental Therapeutics faculty have diverse areas of expertise; collectively, there are therapeutic strengths in Oncology, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, and Neurosciences. Following are the graduate faculty in the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics training program.