Chappell Lab


Welcome to the Chappell Lab!

My laboratory is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms that plants use to make the dizzying array of terpene/isoprenoid compounds. For many years, and like many laboratories, we focused our attention on how plants regulate the biosynthesis of antimicrobial terpene-based phytoalexins. Our interests have expanded from there. Our work utilizes a wide range of experimental strategies including genetic engineering, structure-function comparisons of genes and proteins, and cross-comparisons between many different plants and other organisms.

To arrange a visit to the Chappell Lab, call (859) 323-1561.



Congratulations to Santosh Kumar.  His publication "Molecular Diversity of Terpene Synthases in the Liverwort Marchantia polymorpha" has been accepted in The Plant Cell




Chase Kempinski will be conducting his PhD defense on September 30, 2016. His dissertation is titled: “Engineering Isoprenoid Metabolism in the Model Grass and Model Oilseed with a Focus on Triterpenes from Botryococcus braunii”. The exit seminar will be in the Cameron Williams Lecture Hall in the Plant Sciences Building at 9:00 am followed by the defense. 


Congratulations to Chase Kempinski for being awarded an NSF I-Corps grant, which will support him in his efforts to commercialize isoprenoid production platforms previously built in the Chappell lab and as part of his PhD projects.