Community Pharmacy Residency Program

About the Community Pharmacy Residency Program

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Community Pharmacy Residency Program (CPRP), established in 2001, is dedicated to developing community practitioners who are providers of direct patient care services and innovators in the advancement of community pharmacy practice. The program will equip the residents to:

  • Provide direct patient care in community pharmacy settings
  • Effectively communicate with / educate student pharmacists, pharmacists, patients, and other healthcare professionals
  • Manage advanced patient care practices
  • Be a leader and role model for pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, and student pharmacists in advancing the profession of pharmacy
  • Utilize core management skills to effectively operate a community pharmacy

Learning Experiences

  • Orientation
  • Practice-based Project
  • Advanced Community Pharmacy Practice
  • Teaching and Precepting
  • Patient Care Services: Development and Enhancement
  • Leadership and Professional Service
  • Clinical Services

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