Transfer Equivalency - Pre-Requisite Courses

To determine if pre-requisite courses are accepted at UKCOP please review these resources.

Courses from Out of State (non-KY) Schools

Compare your coursework with the list of UKCOP prereqs using  UK Course Descriptions.
If you believe a course is equivalent, you may use the Master UK Transfer Equivalency Guide to confirm. 

After following these steps, feel free to send any courses you have questions or concerns about to the UK pre-pharmacy advisor. Include course name, #, and course description of each course you would like reviewed.

If you believe a course meets the requirement and would like course approval, please submit a Petition for Course Approval form.

AP/IB credit

AP and IB coursework must meet UK standards. Please check the UK AP/IB Transfer Guide to ensure that your AP credit is accepted.

 *Please Note - UK COP requires a AP Calculus score of 4. (higher than UK main campus)