UK Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

  • A minimum of 70 semester credit hours of Pre-Pharmacy coursework is required.
  • Pre-Pharmacy courses should be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to the desired fall enrollment. Prior approval must be obtained by students wishing to take required coursework after the spring semester. 
  • Please note that a grade of D or below is NOT acceptable in any required Pre-Pharmacy course. 
  • Please send any questions concerning prerequisite courses to the Pre-Pharmacy Advisor at

Pre-Pharmacy Sample Schedule

Please note: As of Spring 2014, the UK College of Pharmacy revised its prerequisite courses for first-time freshmen entering college Fall 2014. Students who entered college prior to Fall of 2014 are held to the prior prerequisite courses as indicated in the chart below. Students who entered college prior to Fall of 2014, but have met the requirements of the current (After Fall of 2014) prerequisite courses may petition for course approval by submitting a course approval form to the Pre-Pharmacy Advisor.