Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Why should I attend the UK College of Pharmacy?

The UK College of Pharmacy is an excellent choice for many reasons. Review our Points of Pride for additional information!

How can I learn more about Prepharmacy at UK?

Join the listserv to receive updates about our program. Attend an Open House or an Advising Session! High school students can schedule a campus information session/tour through the UK Visitor Center.

What type of student is most competitive for admission consideration?

The College seeks students with a demonstrated ability to succeed academically in the program. The average accepted science and overall GPA's are typically 3.0-3.5 on a 4.0 scale. The average accepted PCAT composite score is 74%. Accepted students also demonstrate strong communication skills, both oral and written, a desire for a career in health care, and excellent people skills. Applicants should have a desire for a pharmacy career and knowledge of the profession.

Is pharmacy work experience required?

Experience working in a pharmacy practice environment is not required. However, it can be a valuable asset in determining the appropriateness of the career path. Prospective PharmD students are encouraged to learn more about the profession by talking with pharmacists and finding varied shadowing or volunteer experiences that will provide insight into what pharmacists do, the various settings in which pharmacists work, and how pharmacists interact with patients and health care professionals.

How many students apply to the PharmD Program each year?

While the number of applicants changes each year, at least 800 applications are typically received. Of those applicants, approximately 300 are Kentucky residents. A class of 135 students is admitted to begin the PharmD program each fall.

Do students gain an advantage by completing prepharmacy courses at the University of Kentucky?

There are many advantages to pursuing prepharmacy coursework at the University of Kentucky. It is beneficial for out-of-state applicants to complete their prepharmacy coursework at UK as it shows the Admissions Committee your interest and commitment to the University. Each year, the largest number of applicants tend to be students who have done all or part of their required coursework at UK. In a typical year, at least 40% of the admitted class have been University of Kentucky students. The other 60% of admitted students are from various universities across the US.

How long will a student be in school at UK to become a pharmacist?

Typically, a student will be in school for a total of 6-7 years after high school to earn the PharmD degree. UK’s PharmD program is a four-year professional program leading to licensure as a pharmacist. To be eligible for admission consideration, applicants must complete approximately two to three years (≥70 semester credit hours) of specific undergraduate courses. A bachelor’s degree is not required. If admitted to the professional program (PharmD), students spend three years on the University of Kentucky campus and their fourth year gaining supervised, on-the-job experience.

Does UKCOP accept college credits earned through other schools?

Yes! Credits are accepted from any regionally-accredited college or university. To learn how credits from other institutions may be considered, view our  credit transfer guidelines.

High School Students

What undergraduate major should I choose?

ANY college major will work as long as the required prepharmacy classes are completed. At UK, prepharmacy is not a major but a path. The majority of UK students choose Undergraduate Studies, for those still exploring majors, or one of the following: Agricultural Biotechnology, Human Nutrition, Human Health Sciences, or Biology. These majors incorporate most of the required prepharmacy classes. Since a major is the back-up plan, choose one in which you would be happy earning a degree! UK students on the 2-year prepharmacy track should choose Undergraduate Studies.

How do I apply to Prepharmacy?

No specific applications or requirements are needed to pursue prepharmacy. Any interested student can simply apply to UK as a freshman and choose a major (see above). Application is not made to the PharmD program until at least one or two years of undergraduate (prepharmacy) courses are completed, depending on how a student approaches the coursework.

How do I decide if I am on the 2-year or 3-year Prepharmacy plan?

The majority of UK prepharmacy students enter on a 3-4 year plan. The successful 2-year student has typically earned some AP/college credit (often 2 or more courses) and has a math ACT of 26/27 or higher. This student must also have strong standardized test taking skills since the PCAT is required (for a 2-year student) after the freshman year of college. Typically, 13% of incoming UK PharmD students enter on the 2-year plan.

Does the UK College of Pharmacy accept Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or CLEP courses?

Yes! To see how credits may be considered, visit the university's AP/ IB / Dual Credit Site. Students who have earned chemistry credit through AP, IB, or CLEP examinations are still highly encouraged to take college chemistry in order to have a strong foundation for pharmacy school and the PCAT. Students who have earned calculus credit through AP, IB, or CLEP examinations are encouraged to take college calculus or a college algebra course to refresh basic math skills which are heavily required for the PCAT and pharmacy courses.

College Students

How do I apply to Pharmacy School?

Students who have completed the required coursework or are in their last year of completing the Prepharmacy required courses, will apply through a national, centralized application service called PharmCAS, and will also submit a UK supplemental application. Additional information is available on the Application Process page.