PharmD Application Process

Admission Steps

Step 1: PharmCAS Application

All students are encouraged to submit a Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) application July-September of the year prior to intended entrance. Please note that PharmCAS requires 4-6 weeks for verification purposes before an application is forwarded to individual colleges of pharmacy. Instructions for submitting the PharmCAS application, reference forms and PCAT scores are available on the PharmCAS site.The PharmCAS admission cycle is expected to open July 18, 2017.

Due to UKCOP's rolling admissions process, seats begin to fill quickly after interviews are held in October and November. For this reason, UKCOP recommends applying between July-September. All applicants are highly encouraged to apply Early Decision (ED). October interview seats will be filled by ED applicants with remaining seats being filled with Regular Decision applicants. International students should submit TOEFL scores and transcript evaluations ( to PharmCAS. Attend a UKCOP Advising Session to learn more about the application process.

NOTE: It is not necessary to wait for the arrival of references, transcripts, fall grades or PCAT scores to e-submit your PharmCAS application. However, please continue to monitor your PharmCAS account to be sure all requirements are complete.

Step 2: UKCOP Application Fee

Fee payment link will open July 2017.



Step 3: The Interview Process

Interview selection is based on a holistic review of the application file. Only competitive applicants are invited to interview. Interviewees will be invited via email approximately 2 weeks in advance of the below 2017-2017 interview dates. Approximately 250 students were interviewed last year. NOTE: Interviews are weighed heavily in the overall scoring process.

Interview Dates for 2017-2018 Application Year (Fall 2018 entrance)

(All interview dates are tentative.)

Early/Regular Decision:

- October 6 & 9, 2017 (any remaining interview seats will be filled by Regular Decision applicants)

Regular Decision:

- November 3 & 6, 2017

- January 22, 2018

- February 19, 2018

- March 19, 2018

Questions about the interview process? See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Complete PharmCAS Fall & Spring Academic Update Windows

PharmCAS requires students to submit updated fall transcripts, enter updated fall grades and anticipated spring courses during the Fall Academic Update beginning mid-December. Request your transcripts to be mailed by your Registrar's office immediately after final grades are posted in December (mark hold for fall grades). Send transcripts only to PharmCAS for the Fall Academic Update. The Admissions Committee requires this updated information by early January to be considered for a January, February, or March interview. Since in December it takes PharmCAS approximately 4-6 weeks to verify transcripts, your updated transcript may not be included in the decision-making process regarding interview selection if you wait until PharmCAS' February deadline to submit the Academic Update. Additionally, PharmCAS and UKCOP require completion of the Spring Academic Update, open from April - June. Transcripts for the Spring Academic Update do not go to PharmCAS, but are sent directly to UK College of Pharmacy.

Admission Decision and Requirements

Applicants could be notified of their admission decision via email within several days, weeks, or even months after their interview date, given the rolling admissions process. The UKCOP Admissions Office will provide you with updates after each Admissions Committee meeting (October-April). The majority of admission decisions are made October-April. All students admitted will be conditionally accepted until they have met several requirements (criminal background check and drug screen, final transcript submission, coursework completion, and other requirements). Conditionally accepted students are expected to maintain their GPA from the time of application and report any academic or law charges/offenses within 10 days, in writing, which occur prior to matriculation.