​Interviewing is mandatory for admittance into the College's PharmD program. The College's Admissions Committee will invite candidates to interview at various times throughout the application year. The College employs a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) process (more information about that process is available below).


Qualifying for Interviews

To be considered for admission, applicants must be selected for an interview. Qualification for the interview process includes consideration of GPA and PCAT scores and a holistic review of the application. The GPA is calculated considering all undergraduate coursework taken, weighting the science most heavily. The GPA and PCAT scores are given equal weight in the process. The Committee will select candidates to begin interviewing well before the Early Decision and Regular Decision application deadlines. Interviews may be conducted from October through March. Students should note the interviews are weighed heavily in the overall scoring process. Students will be invited to interviews via email approximately 2 weeks in advance.

To be considered for an interview, it is strongly suggested that applicants apply in July, August or September or as soon as possible thereafter and allow the time necessary for PharmCAS to verify your application and transcripts. Applicants should complete PharmCAS Academic Updates to be considered for January, February, and March interviews.

Interview Day

Applicants can expect to spend about 3.5 hours at the College of Pharmacy (Lee T. Todd, Jr. Building) for the interview process. The interview day will include a welcome session, the MMI process, a building tour and an information session with a student panel to learn about life as a UK pharmacy student.. Further details about interview day will be provided in your interview invitation email.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

What type of interview should I expect? 

The UK College of Pharmacy currently uses Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs). MMIs are a circuit of eight interview stations in which the applicant will be given a situation outside the room and asked to respond or perform a task once in the interview room. Each station will last seven minutes with three minutes between each to read the prompt and instructions. During any one of the eight stations you will have a break station.

Why are Multiple Mini Interviews used?

When compared to the traditional interview, performance during the MMI better evaluates emotional intelligence in applicants. In addition, there are multiple opportunities for you to exhibit a strong performance and to impress many moderators (interviewers). This leads to a more reliable score for each applicant overall.

What will I be asked and what is being evaluated?

Each situation will evaluate a soft skill that the College of Pharmacy looks for in applicants. These characteristics range from communication skills to critical thinking. You may be asked to discuss a given situation with the moderator or interact with a fellow applicant to accomplish a task. You are not expected to have any clinical knowledge prior to the interview.

Who will be the moderators?

The moderators may be faculty, professional staff, alumni, practitioners or current fourth year student pharmacists. Each moderator will be trained on how to accurately assess applicants during the MMI.

What should I bring on interview day?

A government-issued photo ID is required on interview day. Please keep your belongings to a minimum, as any items brought, including cell phones, will be collected before the interview, then returned afterward. 

What should I expect on interview day?

  • Registration
  • Welcome session
  • Multiple Mini Interviews
  • Tour of the UK College of Pharmacy
  • Information session

Applicants will have the opportunity to meet current faculty and student pharmacists who will answer your questions regarding the program. Upon arrival, there will be a registration area to present your photo ID and sign a confidentiality agreement. Following registration, a welcome session with general instructions about the interview process will be conducted. Following this session applicants begin the Multiple Mini Interviews, which will last approximately 80 minutes. After interviews, applicants receive a tour of the facilities followed by an information session to answer questions and supply additional information regarding the admissions process and the UK College of Pharmacy. The entire interview day should last approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

What can I do to prepare for interview day?

It is difficult to study or “rehearse” questions for the MMI but you can:

  • Always bring a positive attitude
  • Participate in a mock interview with situational-based questions and strict time frame
  • Prepare questions you have about the program
  • Familiarize yourself with current topics in pharmacy
  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your assigned time to decrease the potential stress of running late
  • Prepare your attire in advance to avoid a time crunch on interview day or any unexpected issues
  • Eat a good meal prior to arriving for your interview
  • Review your interview invitation e-mail for instructions on parking, etc.

Travel Information

A few hotels located close to the College of Pharmacy are listed below. Many area hotels may offer discounted rates for guests of the University and may offer shuttle service to/from the airport. When making reservations, be sure to ask if they offer a discounted rate for guests of the University of Kentucky.

  • Hilton Lexington Suites/Lexington Green: 245 Lexington Green Circle, 40503 (shuttle service provided to and from airport/hotel; connected by walkway to specialty shops and restaurants)
  • SpringHill Marriott Suites: 863 South Broadway, 40508 (no shuttle service provided to and from airport/hotel)
  • University Inn: 1229 S. Limestone, 40503 (within walking distance to College, but no shuttle service provided to and from airport/hotel)
  • Hyatt Regency of Lexington: 401 West High St. 40507 (shuttle service provided to and from airport/hotel)

More information can be found here.