Frequently Asked Questions

What are rolling admissions?

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy (UK COP) PharmD Program uses a rolling admissions process. A holistic review of applications begins early in September with Early Decision. Selected applicants are interviewed and admission decisions are made on a continual basis starting in October until the class is filled (typically in April). 

As an example, a student could interview in October, be reviewed monthly by the Committee, and possibly be admitted anytime between October and March or later. The UK COP encourages students to apply by the Early Decision deadline even if they have not applied for Early Decision status. This ensures the applicant's file will receive multiple reviews by the Committee. Keep in mind, rolling admissions also means seats fill up early!

Another advantage to applying early is that your application will receive “more looks” by the admissions committee. If not immediately accepted, your application will “roll over” to the next round of Committee reviews. The “more looks” your application receives, the greater your chances for admission. So, APPLY EARLY! July - September is the recommended time to apply. Students who wait until the Regular Decision application deadline to apply risk many seats already being filled.

What is the hold pool?

Students who have been invited for an interview and have completed the interview process are placed in the hold pool. If a student is not accepted immediately after the interview, the student will remain in the hold pool and can be later offered a seat during the same admissions cycle until our class reaches capacity. If not admitted prior to the start of classes, students must reapply for admission during the next cycle.

What is my position in the hold pool?

UK College of Pharmacy does not disclose applicant positions within the hold pool. The Admissions process at the UK College of Pharmacy is holistic and takes into account numerous elements of the application and interview. Applicants in the hold pool are continually reassessed as information shifts (e.g., additional spring and summer transcripts). Applicants are contacted throughout the summer to determine if they wish to remain in the hold pool or if they wish to be removed from consideration for admission. 

How deep is the hold pool / how many students are accepted into the hold pool each year?

Every year is unique and has revealed results that could not have otherwise been predicted. There’s no real way to predict exactly how far we’ll have to go into the hold pool or the precise number of hold pool students who will be conditionally accepted each year.  There have been years in which five, ten, fifteen or more students have moved from the hold pool to being conditionally accepted.  However, the last thing we want is to give students false hope when we really are unsure what the future holds or to encourage expectations of a particular outcome either way. For those reasons, our office does not reveal specific information regarding the hold pool. We strongly encourage everyone to have multiple options for pharmacy school. 

Is there anything I can do to strengthen my standing in the hold pool?

Your application file is currently complete, with all the necessary information submitted and has been reviewed in full. Make sure your most recent transcripts from the prior semester were sent to PharmCAS. Please ensure the Admissions Office has your most recent email address and phone number on file, if they change over the summer months. There’s no further information needed from the Admissions Committee that would strengthen one’s application at this point.

Is there a “cutoff” date in which I will be informed if I am chosen to be conditionally accepted?

Because conditionally accepted students can lose their seat or choose to decline their admission offer at any given time for any given reason, the “cutoff” could be as late as the first day of classes. In case it helps to know, we generally experience the most movement from the hold pool to conditional acceptance between April and June. However, in the past, applicants have moved from the hold pool into the conditional acceptance group as late as the end of July. Other years, the circumstances have been different. For example, several years ago, the College had to contact a hold pool applicant the first day of classes because another accepted student decided to not attend pharmacy school at that time. So again, the “cutoff” really must go up until the first day of classes.

How quickly do you fill admission seats from the hold pool as openings become available?

Admission openings are filled almost immediately, usually on the same day or within 24 hours.

I would like to transfer from another pharmacy school, will you accept my credits?

Prospective applicants who would like to transfer from another college of pharmacy must apply as an entry-level applicant and enter as a first year student. 

Who can I contact with any further questions?