Experiential Education

The Office of Experiential Education coordinates the pharmacy practice experience components of the curriculum - the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) I and IPPE II; and the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE). These experiential components are designed to provide students opportunities for hands-on experience in a variety of pharmacy practice settings beginning early in their professional training and continuing through their final year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The goal of the experiential program is to assist students in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a competent and caring pharmacy professional.

Clinical Education Centers

The UK College of Pharmacy is establishing Clinical Education Centers (CECs) across the Commonwealth. These centers serve as the home base or "hub" for students on advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotations during their 4th year. The goal of assigning students to CECs is to enhance their clnical educational experiences and advance the clinical pharmacy services offered at the rotation sites. A UK faculty member, or Clinical Training Coordinator (CTC), is on site at each CEC to oversee the students' clinical rotations and to assist and facilitate the expansion of clinical pharmacy services at area rotation sites. 

Louisville CEC

The first CEC was established in 2006 in Louisville in a partnership with Norton Healthcare. 20-25 fourth year students are based in Louisville each year. These students are assigned to rotations at Norton Healthcare, University of Louisville Hospital, community pharmacies and other area hospital and clinical settings. Click here for more information about the Louisville CEC. 

Owensboro-Greater Daviess County CEC

This CEC was established in 2007 in partnership with Owensboro Health Regional Hospital (OHRH). 6-10 fourth year students are based in the Owensboro area each year. These students are assigned to rotations at OHRH, Baptist Health, Madisonville, Methodist Hospital in Henderson, community pharmacies throughout the area and other area clinical settings. Click here for more information about the Owensboro CEC.