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UK’s Pharmacy Educator Program Sweeps the Nation

November 21, 2016

Ask anyone that has been through pharmacy school, and they will tell you there was one topic or one skill that they struggled to master. Whether they couldn’t make sense of pharmacokinetics, struggled to get past a needle phobia, or were terrible with time management, they will tell you that they made it through because of the guidance offered by a very special professor or preceptor.


Through its award-winning Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Program, the UK College of Pharmacy has prepared hundreds of pharmacy residents to take on faculty roles in academia. The program began in the 1990s, when all training was done onsite, but then expanded to include remote learning options for residents and practitioners throughout the state and country.


In the spring of 2016, the UK College of Pharmacy, in partnership with ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists), launched a new, nationwide Teaching Certificate for Pharmacists program. This professional certificate program includes online learning modules, teaching experiences, and development of a teaching portfolio. The program uses a mentor model that ensures that each participant gets individual attention with regard to teaching practice and advancing their knowledge of pharmacy education from a faculty perspective.


“ASHP is pleased to partner with the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy to develop a professional certificate program that will help prepare pharmacists with the necessary knowledge and skills to educate and precept healthcare professionals,” said  Julie L. Webb, Senior Vice President, Office of Professional Development“The successful launch of the Teaching Certificate for Pharmacists provides opportunities for training clinicians to help ensure that patients continue to receive optimal care.”


The certificate program teaches participants everything they need to know to become successful pharmacy educators, from the fundamentals of teaching in the classroom to best practices for teaching while on the job in clinics and pharmacies.


The program has been wildly successful. From Kentucky to California, residents and preceptors have jumped at the chance to improve their teaching skills. “The positive reception that the program has received nationally is a testament to the respect that others have for the educational programs at the University of Kentucky,” said program director Dr. Jeff Cain. “It has allowed us to make our teaching and learning program available to a larger audience, while simultaneously allowing a number of college faculty and staff to showcase their educational skills and talents to pharmacists and residents across the country.”


To learn more about this program, visit the ASHP eLearning website: