Leading Like Its 1999

June 15, 2015

It is looking a whole lot like the late 1990s around the UK College of Pharmacy. Specifically, it is looking like the PharmD Class of 1999.

Two members of our first all PharmD class – Craig Martin and Stacy Taylor – have accepted interim leadership roles within the College. Dr. Martin is serving as the Interim Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management, and Dr. Taylor is serving as Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

Drs. Martin and Taylor volunteered to serve in their respective capacities when Kelly Smith, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, agreed to serve as Interim Dean for the College.

“Anyone who knows Craig and Stacy know they are team players,” said Interim Dean Smith. “From the very moment that I agreed to serve in this capacity, they were both incredibly supportive and willing to do whatever it took to serve the College. The College very much thanks them for their service.”

In his role as Interim Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management, Dr. Martin will provide leadership and guidance to our PharmD admissions team, working to enroll and admit the best PharmD class possible. Stephanie Wurth, Director of Admissions & Student Diversity, will remain the primary point of contact on most admissions-related initiatives.

As Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Taylor will work directly with Nicole Keenan, Director of Student Success and Career Development, on student issues and concerns. Nicole Keenan will remain the primary point of contact for students on issues of student concern.

The fact that they were just sitting in the classroom listening to lectures in what seems like a few shorts years ago is not lost on either rising academic leader.

“The UK College of Pharmacy has a long-standing reputation of producing leaders and I’m honored to be part of that legacy.” said Dr. Taylor. “I hope today’s students – and the next generation of students – will realize that a UK College of Pharmacy education prepares you for unique challenges and new opportunities throughout your career.”

Both Dr. Martin and Taylor are native Kentuckians from fairly rural parts of the Commonwealth. Dr. Martin is a native of Grant County, Kentucky, and Dr. Taylor was born and raised in Owsley County, Kentucky.

“I think that is a powerful part of this story,” said Dr. Martin. “We know that Kentucky kids can compete at the highest levels in any profession, and I hope in some small way that this story will show another young Kentuckian that they can fulfill their ultimate dream.”