Photograph of Drs. Martin, Kirking, Piecoro

Drs. Martin, Kirking, Piecoro

College of Pharmacy Alumni Honored

April 01, 2016

Throughout its history, the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy has produced outstanding pharmacy practitioners and researchers that have changed the way we think about preventative care and disease treatment, and have ultimately improved our health and the health of our loved ones. 

The achievements of three of our most distinguished alumni were recognized at the 2016 Hall of Distinguished Alumni Induction ceremony.   These bold innovators have dedicated their lives to improving the way we teach and practice pharmacy, and have guided generations of practitioners and researchers in their studies and work.  

Duane M. Kirking was recognized for his dedication to improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of medications and pharmacy services throughout his four decades of leadership in research, teaching, and professional organizations. 

Gary Martin was recognized for his extraordinary achievements and innovation in the area of NMR spectroscopy.  Martin’s work has led to the development of new analysis methods and detection capabilities that make discoveries not only possible, but expeditious.

John Piecoro, Professor Emeritus of the College of Pharmacy, was recognized for his dedication to pediatric clinical pharmacy and his contributions to research in the areas of antibiotics for pediatric infections, intravenous nutrition formulae for infants, and medical-surgical supplies and devices. 

Congratulations Drs. Kirking, Martin, and Piecoro on this outstanding achievement. 

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