Dr. Younsoo Bae
Dr. Younsoo Bae

Associate Professor

Dr. Younsoo Bae is a pharmaceutical scientist with expertise in controlled drug and gene delivery therapeutics. Dr. Bae received his PhD in materials science and engineering from University of Tokyo in 2005, and completed postdoctoral training at the school of pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison before he joined the department of pharmaceutical sciences, University of Kentucky, in 2008. As of July 2014, Dr. Bae has published 53 peer-reviewed papers as well as 3 book chapters, and served as a reviewer for papers submitted to 43 scientific journals (Elsevier top reviewer in the subject area of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012), international and domestic grant applications, and conferences (Controlled Release Society, Society for Biomaterials, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and International Conference on Biomaterials Science). He has served as a grant reviewer for many research programs, which include Canada Foundation for Innovation, Rommanian National Council for Development and Innovation Partnership Program, Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (Lung Cancer, Discovery Award-Nanomedicine for Drug Delivery Science, Technology Therapeutic Development Award, and Investigator-initiated Research Award), Nazarbayev University Research Council, Natural Sceinces and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Prostate Cancer United Kingdom, and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Technology Foundation. He is also an inventor on 12 issued and provisional patents.

Recent Publications

  • Dan M, Bae Younsoo, Pittman Thomas A., Yokel Robert A. (2015). Alternating Magnetic Field-Induced Hyperthermia Increases Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Cell Association/Uptake and Flux in Blood-Brain Barrier Models. Pharmaceutical research, 32(5), 1615-1625.
  • Ponta A, Bae Younsoo. (2014). Tumor-preferential sustained drug release enhances antitumor activity of block copolymer micelles. Journal of drug targeting, 22(7), 619-28.
  • Beabout Y, Wydra R J, Dan Mo, Yokel Robert A., Hilt J. Zachary, Bae Younsoo. (2013). Block copolymer self-assembled and cross-linked nanoassemblies for combination delivery of iron oxide and doxorubicin. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 3(6), 21-28.
  • Jin G -W, Bae Younsoo. (2013). Reductant-dependent none-partial-complete degradation of block copolymer disulfide crosslinked nanoassemblies. J App Pharm Sci, 3, 1-6.
  • Wydra R J, Kruse A M, Bae Younsoo, Anderson Kimberly Ward, Hilt J. Zachary. (2013). Synthesis and characterization of PEG-iron oxide core-shell composite nanoparticles for thermal therapy. Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications, 33(8), 4660-6.
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  • Lee H J, Bae Younsoo. (2013). Brushed block copolymer micelles with pH-sensitive pendant groups for controlled drug delivery. Pharmaceutical research, 30(8), 2077-86.
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