Dr. Vincent Venditto
Dr. Vincent Venditto

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vincent J. Venditto received training in organic synthesis and vaccine development. He obtained a BS in chemistry from Gettysburg College and then worked for two years at the NCI, NIH as a cancer research trainee before attending graduate school. He obtained a PhD in chemistry from Texas A&M University and worked on vaccine development as an NIH postdoctoral fellow at University of California, San Francisco. Students and fellows in his lab come from diverse backgrounds with interests in chemistry, biology, drug delivery and experimental therapeutics, but a common goal of exploring novel methods to modulate the immune system. Students and fellows in his lab are encouraged to utilize their skills to advance projects while learning new skills to better appreciate the various aspects of designing novel immunotherapies.

Recent Publications

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  • Michelsen Charlotte F, Jensen Helle, Venditto Vincent J, Hennessy R C, Stougaard P. (2015). Bioactivities by a crude extract from Greenlandic Pseudomonas Sp. ln5 involves the nonribosomal peptides, nunamycin and nunapeptin. PeerJ, 3, e1476.
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