Dr. Robert Yokel
Dr. Robert Yokel


BS pharmacy, Wisconsin; PhD pharmacology, Minnesota; Post-doc, Concordia University, Montreal; UK Alumni Association Great Teacher; NIH Research Career Development Awardee; Provost’s Distinguished Service Professor; ~ 145 publications; 22 book, encyclopedia or online reference database chapters; four patents.


  • Dr. Yokel has had a long-term, continuing, interest in aluminum, including its adverse effects, pharmacokinetics, chelation, and occurrence in human sources. His current research focuses on the biological effects of nanomaterials, specifically the effects of nanoscale cerium dioxide that he is pursuing with a diverse team of collaborators. Continuing his career-long interest in drug/chemical interaction with the nervous system, he is interested in the ability of nanomaterials to enter the brain and their effects on the nervous system.

Selected Publications