Dr. Markos Leggas
Dr. Markos Leggas

Associate Professor

Dr. Leggas joined the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in 2004 and his research efforts have focused on translational projects in the area of anticancer drug development. Currently, Dr. Leggas has NCI and industrial funding for the clinical development of a novel anticancer agent, DB-67, which is in Phase I clinical trials. Another major emphasis of the laboratory is placed in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of nanoparticle and/or liposomal anticancer drug formulations. In addition Dr. Leggas is studying the role of transporter proteins on the disposition of physiological substrates and anticancer drugs as well as in the development of tumor drug resistance.

Recent Publications

  • Shaaban K A, Elshahawi S I, Wang X, Horn J, Kharel M K, Leggas Markos, Thorson Jon S. (2015). Cytotoxic indolocarbazoles from Actinomadura melliaura ATCC 39691. Journal of Natural Products, 78(7), 1723-9.
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