Dr. Jeffrey Cain
Dr. Jeffrey Cain

Associate Professor

Jeff Cain, EdD, MS, is an Adjunct Associate Professor for the Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science and the Director of Education Technology for the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. In addition to co-directing and teaching a pharmacy management course, he is actively involved in social and behavioral sciences research. As part of his Office of Education assignment he works with faculty and administration on a variety of matters pertaining to instructional design, pedagogy, the curriculum, innovation, faculty development, instructional technologies, assessment and evaluation. His primary research interests are e-professionalism, social media applications in education, educational technology and higher education. Dr. Cain’s diverse professional background includes work as an engineer for Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Inc and owning/managing a small landscaping business. He has worked in the fields of higher education and technology since 1999 and has numerous publications and presentations related to Web 2.0, social media, teaching and learning, and instructional technology – particularly as they relate to the profession of pharmacy and pharmacy education. Dr. Cain completed the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Academic Leadership Fellows Program in 2013. He currently serves as an associate editor of Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.


  • Pharmacy student debt
  • Resiliency and "grit"
  • Social media in healthcare and education
  • Innovative thinking

Recent Publications

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