Computer Support

Recommended Laptop Specification

The College of Pharmacy recommends the purchase of a laptop computer for use in the PharmD program. Below are the recommended minimum specifications.

Processor: Intel Core i5 or Core i7 Processor
Hard Drive: 256GB
Screen Resolution: 1920 X 1080 pixels

Software Recommendations

Windows laptops: Windows 10
Macintosh laptops: Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) or above.
Antivirus software: UK provides Microsoft Endpoint for both Mac and PC for free here.
Microsoft Office: UK provides stduents free access to Office 365, for more details please click here.

Other Available Software

Visit UK Software Downloads to learn about software available free of charge or at a reduced rate.

In addition to downloadable software, students can access myVirtualDEN (Virtual Desktop Environment) which provides access to general student lab software on any UK student’s personal device (desktop, laptop, tablet). This allows anywhere, anytime access to a number of Windows applications, including Microsoft Office and Adobe products. See for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to own a laptop computer while enrolled at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy?

No, starting with the class fo 2020 an iPad will be provided for use during the PharmD program. A laptop though, is still recommended if you do not feel comfortable using an iPad for all common computing activities.

Can I get financial aid for purchasing my laptop? How can I request financial aid for purchasing my laptop?

Students may appeal the cost of a computer one time. The student must provide receipts for the actual costs and the maximum allowance is $1500. The purchase must be made during the school year or just prior to the beginning of a semester to prepare for school to open. This is a one-time allowable expense. Leasing a computer is allowable, if the student provides a copy of the lease contract. Leasing a computer is not limited to a one-time allowance. A student leasing a computer could appeal each year, based on the lease contract. Find more information about financial aid here. Contact information for Financial Aid may be found through the Financial Aid website.

Where should I purchase my device?

There is no requirement for purchasing your laptop from any specific vendor. You may visit the UK Purchasing eBuy portal for information about purchasing equipment and software at a discounted price. Keep original receipts if you plan to request financial aid.

When should I purchase my device?

Purchase your laptop as soon as you have the finances to do so. In order to request financial aid, the purchase must be made during the school year or just prior to the beginning of a semester to prepare for school to open.

Can I bring the device I already own, or do I need to purchase a new device?

You may certainly bring a laptop that you already own, but check to ensure that it meets the College's minimum specifications. If your laptop is more than three years old, you may wish to consider purchasing a newer model.

Do students receive dicosunts on software?

Yes, a myriad of discounted software is available from OnttheHub. To access please log into the UK Software Downloads site then click the "OntheHub" link in top the menu bar.


What are my options if my laptop is not functioning properly?

If you find that your laptop is not functioning properly, first check with your vendor to see if it is under warranty and get instructions for having it checked. If your vendor is unable to help you, the College offers limited student computer support provided by our IT department in room 196. Bearing a signficant need the college may elect to provide a laptop to a student for a short period of time. Subject to the approval of the Asisstant Dean for Student Affairs.