Graduate Statistics

UK College of Pharmacy Graduation Statistics

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy employment and post-graduate training data is self-reported data collected pre and post-graduation. 

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Quick Facts:

There were 129 graduates in the Class of 2015

  • 39% of our students received a dual degree, gerontology, or gateway certificate.
  • 85% are pursuing post graduate training and/or are currently employed
  • 49% are pursuing post graduate training
  • 36% are currently employed
  • 13% of graduating students not yet unemployed or pursuing post grad training (as of 5/7/15)
  • 2% of the graduating class did not self-report

Post-graduate Training 

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy continues to have an increase in the number of students that pursue post-graduate training after graduation. A competitive 46% of the UK COP Graduating Class of 2015 were placed in residencies with a total of 49% of the class pursuing post-graduate training. Post-Grad Training.png

After completing residency training UK COP students have an advantage to obtain competitive clinical pharmacy positions. 

Find additional information regarding post-graduate education opportunities here.